Tuesday, September 28, 2004

let's all move away in to the woods and live without computers! 

So here i am again, this time i am employed, but my computer is on the brink. I still have no phone (which sucks) and now i'm already hating my job. Not because it sucks, but because it doesn't give me very many hours. max three days a week. 10$ hour. not a good position. PLUS!! i'm dishwashing again. Don't get me wrong, it's sweet getting paid more to do a less stressful job; It just sucks because i don't get very many hours. So i don't think that this job could help me pay the bills.

My girlfriend is really stressing out. It's because of the workload in her program. Last night when she got home from staying late...AGAIN... working on her clay pot, she got to work straight away on her other assignments. She stayed up until 2am! and she still didn't finish them! And most of all, it's not due to procrastination as it was so often before in high school! She's been doing this every night ever since school started! Holy Hell i said!

This post seems more like a rant to me (with excessive use of exclaimation points), but it's the only way i can seem to write in an environment such as this one. Behind me, there is a guy trying to find buss scheduals it looks like; however it doesn't seem like he knows computers that well. It's strange to see him type each letter after looking for it for so long on the keyboard. In front of me there is a lady looking at old newspaper reels on the huge machine designed to look at that kind of thing. the reel's just flying by. I don't know how she can read that fast. She's probably missed what she was looking up ages ago.

I went to a friend's sister's wedding last weekend. And it really made me want to get married. It was strange. It was the first wedding that i'd actually appreciated like that before. The last few weddings that i'd been to i'd just run around with my cousins or friends and totally disregard that feeling between the bride and groom. This wedding however was perfect. My friends were bartending which was a mistake for one of them got horribly drunk, but it was hilarious anyway. I met this guy from a toronto 2-piece garage band who looked identical to hawksley workman. I could have sworn it was his brother or something. I didn't want to ask, but i had to...and besides i was hammered anyway.

While at the wedding I took a lot of photographs, as i was asked to by the bride and groom, i guess they turned out okay. I didn't really get into the positions that i wanted to because of the paid, professional photographer there, but i think they turned out okay. It was nice to see old teachers from high school there, nice to see old teachers from public school too! I think it's profound, weddings, because you ust have a general good time there. Seeing people you haven't seen in a long time, meeting new ones, and enjoying the ones that you currently hang out with, all the while enjoying seeing the newly wed couple enjoy their entire day as offically being wife and husband. I can't wait to get married someday. There's gonna be a lot of people there i think. all my friends and family. and so forth.. hmmm..
well i should wrap this up.

better years await us...rustedhalo


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

jobless and runnin' out of money!! 

Hey! Still enjoying my time off, but as i look at my bank account numbers depleting quickly, i panic, and now, i'm off to find a job. I really wanted to stay out of the dreaded kitchens but, it may look like i'd be stuck in one after all. Ahh well, perhaps i'll be making more than i did at East Side Mario's.

Oakville's a rich place, and i am not. I must go shopping for food today; however, the closest supermarket is the rich one where they think they can overcharge for food just because they are in the wealthy area. So i must take the bus to some place cheaper!

The bus system has fucked me over once already. It was last saturday and my girlfriend and i took a bus to get to an artist supply store. For some reason it had us ride a bus that took us out of oakville, only to get to a store that was in oakville. It was screwed. And the bus we wanted to take wasn't even running on saturdays! So we ended up walking for what felt like 10 miles! The problems with cities is not that they have every store you can think of...it's just so fucking far away!!

I tried to get phone put in, but i forgot my Identification. So yeah, i guess i'll try again for the fifth time. >:/

I met our other rooomate today. He seems super nice. I hope he works out!
anyway that's all for now,
better years await us...rustedhalo


Friday, September 03, 2004


Hey! I haven't been writing for a bit because of my hectic lifestyle. It took some time, some effort, some back pain, some beer, but i'm finally in oakville. I do not, however, have everything, mainly a computer or phone, so a lot of you cannot get a hold of me. Hopefully by next week we can change that. early next week.

I've already met one roommate, who's actually really cool and responsible. The other former roommate, yes, that's right former, isn't living with us anymore. Which is fine with me, because he wasn't very good anyway. so now we're looking for one more person. hopefully we can find one.

So this is just a quicky to let you know what's going on, and i shall update it quite regularly once i get computer access and other stuff. so yea.
better years await us...rustedhalo


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