Monday, September 12, 2005

mindless ramblings 

So here i am in the big college world.
How do i feel about it? cut off.
I have no telephone or internet so i can't really contact anyone. it's kinda scary that i let myself get so attached to this technology...but i guess that's evolution.

My program is just getting started. I don't have much homework yet...but i'm sure that will change as the ball gets rolling. My new camera is a 4x5 arca swiss...it is a system that i have never used before and frankly it is pretty difficult to understand.. i took six pictures so far and i have processed them. which is a great feat for me..considering that i have never done that sort of thing before.
Interesting process that processing is. It must be done in complete darkness. So picture me in the complete darkness fumbling around with delicate sheets of film all the while trying not to spill the 'magic water' that develops these sheets of film... very interesting indeed.
My first week of college was an orientation week so it wasn't real classes. this week i get to meet my professors in greater detail and our class sizes are cut down from 85 to 25. so it's a little more intimate.
My first weekend in our new place was alright. we finally got rid of all the crap lying about and we are now trying to set up communtications to the outside world. I ended up going to toronto to get some supplies (more money required).
I must say i miss the blue house a lot... and i'm kinda homesick somedays for it.. but i guess that's the past. i also miss my drinkin companion too. but hopefully i should see him quite soon.. i shall make the effort to.
anyway i should get back to my studies..
better years await us...rustedhalo


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