Wednesday, May 26, 2004

So, i finally got a digital camera. And boy is it tiny, i keep forgetting where i'm putting it down. So yeah, i gotta stop that! This picture is a weird spooky picture of the parking lot where i currently reside. I like it. what do you think? Posted by Hello


Monday, May 24, 2004

the bar 2 

I have just figured out, which is insane because i'm a drunken bastard right now, how to post pictures on my blog. Which is a good thing because i've been really thinking about digital cameras as of late (even today i went into wal-mart and looked at some cheap ones). Man, have they eever gone down in price.

I dislike digital cameras because of their ability to manipulate the image. It doesn't seem real, tangible, cannot grasp it. When i take a picture on film, i know it's on there. I know it's embedded in the film, however, How do i know that the image that i wanted to capture is really on that tiny piece of plastic? I fucking don't!

However, i see many images during my travels that i would love to take pictures of, but not really serious ones. I want to just "fuck around" with it. Film is awfully expensive and i really want to see the image after i take it. I do not believe in digital manipulation (that is, taking the image and fucking with it to create someting totally different). After all, my search is for the truth; i'm here to find it, and capture it so people don't forget it.

So, i saw some old friends at the bar. This bar experience was much better due to not filthyness. It was nice talking to them. The band was awesome and the ale, excellent.

Work is going crazy. it's the may 2-4 weekend and we're fucking busy. I hate my assistant kitchen manager and i really want to quit and work outside all the time. However, i would miss many people there. The only thing that is good with my job is the people.

Ugh. there i go again talking about work. It seems like all i can talk about is work. I guess that's really only the major thing that's happening in my life right now. It sucks though. i miss hanging out with my friends. I miss hanging out with my family, i miss hanging out with my girlfriend (it seems that we don't really get shifts that coencide; she works days, I, night).

I really oughta quit, and take up skateboarding full time.

more later when the alcohol is out of my brain.

better years await us...rustedhalo


this is a picture of me; my girlfriend drew this. I love it.  Posted by Hello


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

the bar 

Wow, so here i am fifteen minutes later. blood still pouring out of mike's face probably. However, the face of my new Boss has probably stopped bleeding. That's the kind of night it has been for me.

Tonight was the staff party at my work place. Which is fine, i mean i have a few beer and some tequilas and play some basketball. Then we decide to move to this other seedy bar...JT's Tavern. which i thought was a bad idea from the start. So yea. this stupid asshole gets a grudge because he was told to stop smoking. He's being a dick as soon as he gets here, so the barkeep is a little hostile to him. So this guy steals two bottles, that's right. He reaches over the bar to grab bottles from the bartender. Yeah, the best thing to do at a bar. So the barkeep get's pissed, grabs the bottles back, gets a weird ass billy club and starts beating on the bar with it.

My new General manager (who was there, drinking) starts pushing the stupid idiot out the door, and the guy sucker punches him, so as any sane man would, My general manager at where i work (ED) tackles him. it all gets fuzzy from here as i couldn't see. anyway the cops show up and we hightail it outta there. and here i am. so second bar experience also leads to cops. i didn't really much like bars before...this doesn't help it.

i'lll write more on how i feel later.
better years await us...rustedhalo


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