Tuesday, November 29, 2005

voices of violence. 

We have finally moved on to portraiture. This is what i churned out. However the final image looks imensely different, as it was on a different format and in black and white; also, this image is from a different view point and does stray away from my previsualized concept. I must give endless thanks for my model whom had to endure this messy make-up application. I do think that i got the results that i was searching for. I look forward to put forth my interpretation to assignments in the future.

better years await us...rustedhalo.


Monday, November 14, 2005


This weekend was phenominal.

Everything went perfectly as far as i'm concerned anyway.

It was a surprise birthday party for on of my friends.

It was held at "The Bovine Sex Club."

However, before i went there i met up with my brother

Which was really great because i haven't seen him in ages.

We had coffee and pizza and talked about a great deal of things.

We must do so again.

Then we (brother and friend in tow) ventured to the Bovine to meet up with my other friends who were already there.

There was a lot of people there who are very dear to me and a lot of people who i wish i knew better.


Another had showed up.

Someone who i haven't partied with in a long time!

It was great to see her again.

we must do so again.

It was really fun dancin.'

And really cool finally meeting her boyfriend whom i've heard so much about.

This dancing that took place has triggered something in my mind.

A triggering fuelled by good music.

It has inspired me to find my good albums and relisten to them in greater detail.

This entire weekend has changed how i view the city.

I no longer see it as something i can get lost in--

But a place in which i can meet with people and have a good time.

Which is a big step for me.

For once, i want to actually live in the city!

Meet with friends more often.

Enjoy having friends again.

we must do so again.

better years await us...rustedhalo


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