Wednesday, July 05, 2006

savaged by wandering 

Finally broke through. You have no idea what it took to get here. but that is a tale for another time. needless to say, Bell and it's making the internet simple campaign, is complete bollocks.

Oh well. i am here, back again for those who care. And it seems this time i am back for good. (unless my connection decided otherwise) I certainly have the time on my hands now.

Having the time is both a blessing and a curse. Alone time for self reflection is very important and a necessity. However, to much alone time can be devastating and more destuctive than the opposite. more than a week ago enormous amounts of alone time was granted to me as my girlfriend and i decided that work opportunities would be better back home (which later turned out to be true). So, as you would imagine that decision granted me with more alone time than i could handle. And for the first week, it just so happened that my friends were on the other side of the contenent, so hanging out 'with the boys' was out of the question.

All this time to myself has made work easier to stay at, as there isn't really any real reason to come home except for sleep. But, it also made me realise how fast this house falls apart without a woman's touch. needless to say i have learned a lot of upkeep in this past week. I also have my girlfriend's garden to tend to, which reminds me that i must water the plants tomorrow.

my leisure time well spent i think, i've been seeing movies that i have been meaning to see that i have never seen before or have seen but not in a long time, movies that include, scarface, shaun of the dead, saw, starwars trilogy. I don't play as many videogames as i thought i would, nor do i drink as much soda. my lifestyle and eating habits have changed drastically, instead of a homecooked dinner, i eat sandwiches and cereal (raisin bran, no less) drink lots of milk (can you believe i drank almost 4 litres in the past week?), and eat raw peppers. it's quite the life.

how much more exciting will it get once i get paid i wonder. well i intend to do a great deal of soul-searching before my companion gets back safely home. I'm going to drag out the old camera and start doing what i love again. not studio stuff mind you, but documenting the nature of human beings within their surroundings. I also want to write more (i really have no excuse now, i mean what else would i do?), and explore an instrument perhaps.

two months may not seem like a long time to be apart from someone to most people, however when i have spent everyday waking up, eating, living, working, and then sleeping with this person you begin to feel quite lonely at times. especially when you don't get to see as many friends as often as you would like. hmm.

wow i had a lot to say today. perhaps tomorrow i will solve the mysteries of being human, now i am too tired. to be bothered to type anything more.

better years await us...rustedhalo


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