Thursday, January 26, 2006


A self portrait.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006


"I set my watch to the atomic clock.
I hear the crowd count down till the bomb gets dropped.
I always figured there'd be time enough
I never let it get me down, but I can't help it now
looking for faces in the clouds. "

"I've got some friends I barely see,
but we're all planning to meet...
we'll lay in bags as dead as leaves all together for eternity. "

better years await us...rustedhalo


Friday, January 13, 2006

the break 

It's been a while.

Christmas was...well christmas. it didn't feel like the christmases that i knew as a child. it somehow felt different. not special. When i was a child waking up at four am was such a tradition and then watching horrible christmas cartoons until my parents woke up (oh the agony!) then after a coffee got into their hands we could rip into the gifts that we have recieved.

This year however, it was waking up at 8 am just like i normally do everyday of the christmas break this year. My parents slept on the couch that night because i didn't actually have a bed at the time and my guts felt like they were going to come out my mouth. It was a weird situation. Apparently, they were up late being santa and wrapping gifts. Opened our gifts as usual per tradition. However, this year i didn't have any gifts for anyone. As i am only a humble, poor art/photography student. perhaps that is why christmas day felt like every other day. I don't think the magic of christmas will return until i have children to delight.

it was nice to see friends whilst i was up. did much drinking while i was there. not a good thing on the finance side of things, but well i'm still young and stupid so don't judge me too harshly.

as i write this i'm talking to people on msn so it's very difficult to carry on a thought. so perhaps i will continue this at a later date.

better years await us...rustedhalo


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