Saturday, May 21, 2005

ladies and gentlemen: this is mambo #5 

I haven't spoken to you guys in quite a while. and a lot has happend in that time period. Well not really. So i quit east side's. it was a hell hole; now my soul can actually be called mine again. I am now enrolled within the society of manual labour. My pants have totally stopped smelling like kitchen (and i can say that i totally don't miss that at all) and my overal smell has turned from grease to the smell of cut grass, fresh soil, gasoline and 'manly smells.' My hands ache at the end of the day, within each fingerprint lies dirt; my fingernails hurt; i pulled a muscle within my arm from starting lawnmowers. I love it. i'm getting a tan and getting toned at the same time. I cycle to work everyday which is about 8 miles round trip. and that's pretty much my new job. i work about 10 hours everyday which doesn't leave a lot of time for computers and whatnot considering i get really tired about 10 10:30ish. that is partly the reasoning to why i haven't see you guys in so long. hopefully some of you still come here...

anyway i shall write more when my computer gets fixed or more tonight.
better years await us...rustedhalo


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