Saturday, July 17, 2004

I went to Oakville last weekend, and this is what i found. My brand new home. I only pray that we can find roomates! It's 5 bedrooms! anyone interested in escaping this "box" or even like living in oakville, drop me a line.
Midnite Dawn Photography


Saturday, July 10, 2004


This past weekend, was definatly one to remember. I went out camping with a guy from work who i've only known for a few months. It was a great-sometimes awkward experience.

This camping expidition was a great chance to work on my people skills, as most of you know that i am quite introverted around new people. My favorite part of the weekend was not the first time trying the psychedelics, but rather sitting around the campfire belting out songs with strangers who i had only met a few hours before.

A thing that i had noticed was how strong their friendship was. It didnt' matter that each of them had a girlfriend; it didn't matter that each of them hadn't seen each other in a very long time. the guy i work with hadn't seen his buddies for at least a year. It was as if they had hung out the night before and planned the weekend gettaway. I look at my friendships and i don't really see that stong of relationships with the people whom i call friends. I was seriously jealous of the bond that they shared; they all knew what each of them was thinking, and there was no talk of hatred when one of had left the circle. i sit and i look at the relationships that i have with my friends. It's not really anything like they have. All of my friends haven't been together in god only knows how long. I'd seriously like to plan an event such as camping where i could bring all my friends and there wouldn't be any conflict, but i also seriously see conflict happening. I'm not saying that i'm not the cause of this conflict, because sometimes i am. but.. i don't really know anymore. I guess i just miss all my friends hanging out together. Is this growing up? or is it growing apart?

better years await us...rustedhalo


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