Saturday, December 18, 2004

unholiday wishes 

Another christmas is upon us.
And what a way to celebrate the birth of our saviour by a month of frenzied, stressed out, holiday shopping. everywhere i look is advertisments for gift giving, especially since i work at a mall. Everyday i see people carrying huge shopping bags from various stores, and some people carrying many bags from many stores. And i feel terrible about it. Why you ask? It is because i cannot afford to spend my hard earned dollars on other people. I need it it live. I'm sure my friends and family understand what i must do with my money instead. So i have to look for other options in my 'gift giving'. However, this is not possible. I can't create anything. Because i work pretty much overtime all month. Hell, i even work christmas Eve.

This is an alarm call to people out there. whom ever may read this. You need to pay hommage to the people who must work through the holiday season: police officers, fire fighters, doctors, and all other related mumbo jumbo. Cooks and Chefs, waitstaff, bus drivers, taxi drivers, convience store workers, people who work in utilities, people in the transportation industry, pilots, train drivers, and the people who keep tabs on them, Soldiers. And we cannot forget the homemakers. This time of year is stressful to us all, but most importantly to these people, who want nothing more than to be with the people they love but cannot because they have a job to do.

This christmas is going to be a strange one indeed. I do not get to spend it at home, helping my family through christmas, i get to spend it at work, then with my loved one at home, but then it's back to work again. This christmas i will not get a tree filled with momentos of my public school crafts, (i don't even know if i'll have a tree, hopefully). I won't get the tradition of seeing my grandmother, showering her with hugs, then gifts.

I hope that everyone who reads this has a really great christmas, because you all deserve it, whether you think so or not.

better years await us...rustedhalo


Thursday, December 02, 2004


east side mario's
This company could easily be one of the most greedy companies out there. I see it mostly within the boundrys of oakville. Not only do they pay horrible wages (starting wage is the lowest legally possible), of which they could pay one working hour with the sale of one pasta alone, they hire so many people that the hours are spread out so they will never have to pay overtime. For example, currently i am working 6 days a week this week, one day to call my own. Two of those days are not split shifts, so i will only recieve maybe five hours if i'm lucky. I don't think i will be getting overtime, even though i have given up six days to them.

And another thing--spilt shifts. I have to give up my entire day in order to maybe get seven or eight hours. Then when it is not busy, i get sent home. It doesn't matter if i had only been there for an hour; i get sent home, only to come back three to four hours later to work again when it is busy. Another thing is how they make you pay for your uniform. A chef jacket, pants, hat and apron all together is 75 dollars. That's a lot of money deducted from your pay if you get minimum wage, do you think? East Side Mario's also makes changes to their uniform (they call it keeping trendy) with you have to keep with with, so at least twice during the year, you must buy a new jacket.

As i said earlier, the greedy and general misdirection of money is most appartent when you look at the owner and managers, then you take a look at the lowest job: dishwashing. The guy who dishwashers is currently getting kicked out of this apartment; the owner is driving around in fucking limos, or cars with televisions in the back. When i was at my hometown ESM, i learned that 60%, that's right SIXTY, is purely pocketed by the owner. So, if the restaurant makes ten thousand dollars in sales that week, the own takes approximately six thousand of it. that's 857 dollars a day (also this is only what i heard). Now this is just at my hometown location, i don't know about here.
I don't know if it is Prime (the parent company of ESM) or the owner who is more greedy.

This was written earilier by me, however, it is the current events (i have to buy a new apron and maybe now, shoes) that had made me post it. I'm not sad or bitter or anything, just annoyed.
better years await us...rustedhalo


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