Monday, December 29, 2008


i'm not gonna lie.

zombies have infected.

or so it seems at least.

Zombies. Probably one of the only things that give me the willies. I'm not even sure what it is that scares me so much about them; all i know is that when i watch zombie movies, i get the frighteners.

It seems for the last half of 2008 Zombies have been gaining in popularity. They are omnipresent within most kinds of media: books, comics, television, movies, video games. Though i think it may have been 28 days later (not technically zombies) that brought this resurgence upon us.

I've recently read two novels by max brown called The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. These two books are based off each other with the survival guide being well, a survival guide. Informing you which weapons are best for dispatching zombies (by the way crowbar is the best melee weapon), how to hold up in your home, supplies that are best, etc, etc.

World War Z is about the war with the zombies. how humanity bounced back from the brink of extinction. However, it is not a story with a beginning, middle and end so to speak. The tale is told through a series of interviews from different survivors of this disaster. Needless to say, both books are worth picking up if you enjoy zombies and zombie related things.

So why is everyone fascinated with zombies all of a sudden. Was there ever a resurgence in the realm of vampires, werewolves? "Dawn of the Dead" (newer version) has zombies that are fast. World War Z's zombies are slow, stumbling kind. If i were to wake up tomorrow to zombiepocalypse, I 'm pretty sure that the first zombies would be the runners. Unless the way they died originally was through some kind of leg trauma which would not enable them to run fast. These guys would probably be the death of humanity. It wouldn't take long for them to overrun everything. This may be a more likely scenario.

I have been thinking about zombies a lot since i have finished those two novels and they have even infected my dreams because i keep having dreams about the walking dead. even after i wake up, when i fall back asleep, zombies again right where i left off.

I don't know why i decided to write about zombies in my first post in so many years. I guess i needed to start a flow. Like when you water a plant that hasn't received water in a great deal of time, the soil is usually one clump of dried mess trying to soak up the water but can't. Eventually it will, once it softens up.

well. hopefully this softens up. It's been so long i think i need to rebirth the writing style i once had... anyway. zombies eh.

S. Sailors


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